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Our ESD Edge

Our end-to-end solutions address all barriers to ESD success

We’ve been committed to job creation through the growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) since 2007 and we’ve proven that a holistic, end-to-end approach to ESD is the only way to deliver measureable impact. Success requires removing any and all of the growth constraints facing SMEs – financial and non-financial.

Our holistic programmes consistently outperform our competitors’ one-size-fits-all solutions as they:


  • 01
    are customised to clients’ individual business strategies and operating environments
    our world-class ESD strategies guarantee the best possible results for both clients and beneficiary SMEs
  • 02
    are informed by global experience adapted for practical implementation in the local context
    our experience in leading international consulting firms guides our approach to the development of ESD strategies and solutions for local corporates
  • 03
    are designed using world-class intelligence and best practice methodologies
    our on-going investment in research, training and skills development ensures that we employ the most leading-edge evaluation tools and business development methodologies
  • 04
    translate scorecard compliance into bottom-line results
    our in-depth understanding of the B-BBEE Codes (including the sector charters) and ESD experience, enables us to maximise scorecard ratings whilst improving supply chain efficiencies
  • 05
    have been developed by the most talented minds in ESD
    recognised as thought leaders and subject experts, we are editorial advisors to 3 annual ESD publications and receive an unmatched number of requests to speak at industry events
  • 06
    empower ESD stakeholders to secure clear executive direction and support
    we work with transformation leaders to develop a business case and detailed plan for ESD to ensure buy-in and prioritisation on board agendas
  • 07
    align the aims of transformation leaders with those of supply chain and preferential procurement
    our detailed understanding of the different drivers of Preferential Procurement, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development decision-making empowers us to address the needs of all 3 with a single, collaborative, cross-functional solution
  • 08
    efficiently channel funds into high-potential SMEs to support growth and ensure sustainability
    uniquely, Edge’s Fund Management team can provide the critical growth finance needed to develop worthy SMEs into first class suppliers
  • 09
    include pre- and post-investment BDS customised to growth stages and development gaps
    bespoke BDS programmes address the needs of SMEs as they experience them at different stages of the business lifecycle
  • 10
    identify and develop SMEs aligned to our clients specific supply chain and capability requirements
    we have our own base of black-owned suppliers as well as partnerships with reputable supplier sourcing specialists
  • 11
    build independent, profitable SMEs by facilitating market access
    strong relationships with government, industry bodies and big business enable us to offer SMEs additional market access outside of our clients’ specific supply chain requirements
  • 12
    successfully integrate business-ready SMEs into established procurement and supply chain systems
    our programme implementation expertise and change management planning ensures that developed SMEs are integrated into the supply chain without disruption
  • 13
    deliver real impact to South African society as a whole
    each solution undergoes rigorous due diligence for sustainability and social impact and stringent governance and accountability is maintained beyond implementation

“Our engagement with Edge Growth began with a small BDS programme and grew to a role of strategic contribution to the Liberty ESD programme. As we operationalise our ESD business practices, our partnership with Edge gives us confidence that the thought-leadership programmes that we have collaborated on will ensure that Liberty continues to contribute sustainably and positively to the social landscape of our country. We are changing realities with Edge and that is an impact we are proud to be partnering on.”

— Amanda Khoza, Head of Transformation, Liberty

FB Mining – Access to the right opportunities accelerates growth


FB Mining produces ventilation seals and lifting equipment and can offer mines up to 30% saving on the total cost of ventilation management but was unable to harness the opportunities for growth in the mining sector.


The Vumela Fund provided the company with the BEE partner they needed to comply with the mining charter’s 26% black-ownership requirement when turnover reached R50 million pa, gaining them access to broader markets. Vumela also provided funding for FB Mining to aggressively target growth in the coal as well as platinum mining sectors.


Edge’s strategic growth support introduced FB Mining to the procurement offices of a number of new mining clients. The company currently provides employment for more than 130* people and it is anticipated that the programme will generate another 60-90 additional jobs.


Edge screens 300 SMEs, shortlisting 30 high-potential SMEs suitable for growth support.

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SAB’s KickStart initiative is re-engineered tocreate a more focused, comprehensive approach towards providing high-impact, sustainable business support.

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Cabs for Women receives the capital it needs to grow the fleet and create employment for previously disadvantaged women.

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