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SME Development Programmes

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We believe that collaboration is the key to cultivating a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. We partner with corporates, mentors and industry experts to co-create innovative, end-to-end programme solutions that will provide SMEs with the skills and support they need to accelerate their growth trajectories.

Custom Programme Design

At Edge Growth we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all ESD solution for SME development. To build and optimise a programme for your unique business needs, Edge Growth uses an innovative, cross-functional approach. This means harnessing a combination of the most appropriate, transformative capabilities of our various specialist divisions. While every programme we design is distinctive, there are a few common features they all share.

Programme Features


Our SME development programmes are designed to produce significant and lasting value for corporate enterprises and SMEs alike. The result is a more diverse and inclusive economic landscape where we can constantly and collectively pioneer new frontiers of opportunity, partnership and optimisation.


Edge Growth designs specialised SME development programmes for specific sectors, from financial services and manufacturing to petrochemical and beyond. These can each be implemented independently, or holistically along with other points within the value chain.


Edge Growth designs SME development programmes at different scales, that leave room to adapt with your business needs. This way, businesses may choose to integrate SMEs into the entire commercial supply chain at once with a comprehensive ESD programme, or to focus on a niche area and scale up from there, based on learnings, budgets and return on investment.


Edge Growth can collaborate with businesses at any or all points along their journey – scoping, planning, prioritising, implementing, managing, and optimising – to co-create SME development programmes that yield measurable results.

Programme Solutions

Our approach always considers the best solution for the particular client needs and when it comes to business development support, we offer both high touch and low touch programmes, each with their unique features.


Magnify refers to our targeted, high-touch programmes designed for SMEs who have potential to integrate into corporate supply chains and need support to become better suppliers. The programme offers highly customisable business development support in the form of dedicated boot camps and one-on-one mentorship.


Multiply refers to our broad reach, low-touch programmes designed to provide support to improve capability and assistance with the non-financial challenges SMEs face. These programmes combine digitally enabled bootcamps with access to online resources that include group mentorship and SME community support.

SME Support

Addressing all possible growth constraints for SMEs on their business journey is the essence of Edge Growth’s approach to SME support. Assisting with access to market and funding are huge steps towards empowering SMEs, but besides facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships and finance options, Edge Growth also supports your SME partner to grow their business by growing their knowledge and skills. To do this, we offer customised programmes, as well as access to training, mentorship and additional business resources.

Edge Hrowth Esd Sme Support

Support Solutions

Distribution and Intermediary Support

We provide tailored practice management, support and mentorship to intermediaries that service your business, enhancing their transformation and your value chain.

Strategic Supply Chain Development

We provide integrated supply chain solutions to uplift and build black-owned suppliers through customised business development support journeys, such as those we have created for the FMCG, technology, financial services and motor body repair industries, or to improve localisation and decrease importation.

Niche SME Development

We provide carefully curated development programmes to support the growth and transformation of businesses in niche areas of the value chain, such as stockbrokers or accounting firms.

Collaborations That
Move Beyond

SME Development Programmes with Edge Growth is led by our Edge Solutions team, a purpose-driven collective of SME Development experts dedicated to unlocking SME potential by imparting founders and entrepreneurs with the skills they need to take their businesses to the next level. Our solutions-oriented approach to customised SME programmes that deliver on impact for our clients and their SME partners is why our clients choose to partner with us.

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