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SME Development Solution

Like the numbers in a combination lock, our extensive experience in SME development has equipped us with the knowledge that sustainable SME growth is dependent on a forward-thinking methodology that provides the right combination of SME support at the right time to unlock growth constraints and unleash SME potential.

To achieve this, we have pioneered an unparalleled approach to SME development called IGNITE, an innovative solution that provides SMEs with the necessary support to achieve scalability. Creating shared value for all stakeholders, IGNITE is tailored to meet your social and financial objectives while simultaneously catalysing SME growth by providing small businesses with access to market, skills and funding.


It is not just a solution built on the latest innovations in the industry. It is the one pioneering them.


It connects targeted, niche solutions in potent combinations to accelerate and maximise your impact.


It encompasses all stages and phases of the SME development process for all stakeholders.

How It Works

With the understanding that every organisation’s objectives are unique, we partner with you to co-create a solution customised to your needs that delivers maximum impact to the benefit of SMEs. Our solution is comprised of the following components that can be applied alone or combined to create a comprehensive, end-to-end solution.

Strategy and Advisory

Edge Growth is a strategic partner in your business’ journey towards greater transformation and sustainable SME development. We work with you to find the most suitable SME and supplier development plans, programmes and partners. This creates impact and sustainability both inside and outside of your organisation.

Fund Management

Edge Growth can conceptualise, design, set up and manage venture impact funds to help your business create access to finance for SMEs that don’t always meet the traditional qualification criteria, to achieve your SME development objectives, and to surpass the expectations of your SME partner with more than just financial support.

SME Development Programmes

Edge Growth can design and implement customised, impactful SME support programmes that are planned, prioritised and phased to ignite impact and build the business maturity and capabilities of your SME partner, without disrupting business operations for either of you.

Impact Measurement

Edge Growth can provide proof of impact, along with learnings and recommendations for further optimisations through its proprietary data insights technology, as well as its measurement and evaluation methodology.

Our solution follows a strategic approach to SME development that removes both the financial and non-financial growth constraints that inhibit SME growth by providing greater access to market share, skills development and funding.

Access to Market

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Access to Skills

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Access to Funding

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