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Impact Measurement

Growth and impact are inextricably linked – one cannot exist sustainably without the other. It’s that sustainability which drives our purpose: to lead growth and ignite impact, in equal measure. It’s a delicate balancing act that is impossible to achieve without consistent impact tracking, measurement and evaluation.

Impact Optimisation

Our signature methodical framework allows us to measure and evaluate the success of our solutions by benchmarking them against industry-related impact performance. Once the number-crunching is all done and a few red flags and doors of opportunity have been identified, it’s time to go make the necessary minor enhancements to your business’s customised IGNITE solution and push your impact (and growth) to the cutting-edge.

Impact Tracking

Impact tracking is the cornerstone of our IGNITE solution. We cannot successfully develop a strategy, design a programme or manage a fund without it. Why? Because if you don’t know what is working, you can’t change what isn’t.

  • Data collection and measurement

    We offer proprietary data collection and measurement methodologies for SME impact that enable the data to be translated into impact insights.

  • Customisation

    We have the ability to customise and white label our unique impact measurement platforms for partners in line with their impact goals.

However, with growth comes complexity. As value chains and SMEs mature, more and more metrics emerge. Gathering and analysing data insights then becomes increasingly difficult. This is why we are always pioneering new tools and platforms to handle all the complex data capturing and present it simply in one place.

Our unique technologies

GrowthTracker TM

Our GrowthTracker is an advanced, automated technology, designed to measure impact at an overall programme and SME level. It extracts data, such as the total jobs created by a programme, and presents this data to users through an intuitive and personalised dashboard. It is used by all Edge Growth SME Development partners, be they solutionists, investors, mentors or beneficiaries, to maximise growth and impact hand-in-hand.

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