ASISA ESD Fund Setup

Fund designed to channel investment from the savings and investment industry into SME development.

ASISA formally opened its doors during October 2008. Operating as a non-profit company, it represents the majority of South Africa’s asset managers, collective investment scheme management companies, linked investment service providers, multi-managers and life insurance companies. ASISA have mandated this association to pro-actively engage with the policymaker and regulator, as well as intermediaries and consumers on policy, regulatory and other important issues of common concern. It is no wonder that ASISA is an advocate of Enterprise Development as prescribed by the financial services charter.

Problem Statement:

In 2011, as a part of their strategic priority to align stakeholder interests to make South Africa a better and more sustainable country, ASISA looked for a means to assist the SME sector with commercial funding sourced from the savings and investment industry.
Edge Solution:

Edge Growth assisted ASISA with developing an enterprise development fund that would best position the organisation to achieve its strategic priorities. A robust mandate was developed and legal infrastructure implemented. A highly competent fund team was organised to facilitate the selection of and provide business development support to the investment SME’s. Edge Growth provided an end-to-end holistic ESD Fund Solution to ASISA. No results currently available.

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