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Tailored to suit your environment: How Edge Growth ensures ESD success

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Successful Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) initiatives require an intricate mix of business and strategic decisions, financial expertise, intimate experience and critically timed funding, among various other factors. When the conditions are just right, a well-executed ESD programme can stimulate significant growth for SMEs and provide an array of benefits to the company implementing it. But that’s exactly why a standard, one-size-fits-all approach is not the optimal solution for companies looking to undertake an ESD programme.

The fundamental pillars we know to be crucial to the success of any B-BBEE-focused ESD programme are: SME selection; management services, governance and communications; supplier integration; and access to specialists, funding and markets. It is important to note that the programme strategy must be aligned to your business objectives and that not all the pillars will necessarily apply to your solution.

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That’s an untenable position for companies that have rigorous governance requirements – necessary to satisfy stakeholders or regulatory bodies – and a recipe for inefficiency, excessive cost and lacklustre results. On the other hand, a bespoke programme can be tailored to suit your every objective or requirement. That’s where Edge Growth comes in.

Our approach is designed to generate tangible results, including definitive ROI, all while enacting very real transformation within South Africa. To do that, we start and end with your objectives in mind – whether this is to diversify your supply chain, find sustainable suppliers, improve the effectiveness of your current value chain, enhance brand value, improve costs and timings, or have a greater transformational effect.

The idea is not just to generate empty ESD points, but provide financially efficient and sustainable solutions, using proven fund management, multisector expertise, scalability, and access to additional SME funding, as well as corporate contracts.

Equally important is customising these solutions to impact the SMEs in question, to bridge the ESD gap. That’s achieved through comprehensive support in all aspects of development. This includes procurement readiness assessment and assistance, funding and market support, as well as specialised guidance.

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The benefits of such a solution are clear. In just one of our ESD programmes, we aligned each pillar of our holistic ESD programme to our client’s very particular requirements. In return, our client’s 13 SME programme beneficiaries saw a growth in revenue of 45% on average. As a result, 65 new jobs were created. In fact, through our partnership with ASISA the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA), we’ve developed a market-leading ESD solution that has raised over R400 million in capital – R110 million of which has already been invested into 353 SMEs, supporting more than 1000 jobs.

That very same solution can be adjusted in a number of ways, to acclimate to your company’s very particular corporate environment – to grow with your needs and continue to create value. It’s a sure-fire way to make a meaningful impact in South Africa, adding value to your brand and earning your company recognition.

How can Edge Growth’s tailor made ESD solution help your company? Click the button below to receive an executive-level consultation.

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