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Download Edge Growth ESD Infographic

B-BBEE compliance is becoming more important by the day. unfortunately, our current economic recession means that few organisations believe that they have the dispensable cash flow to afford what has traditionally been perceived as a charitable contribution.

While B-BBEE programmes originally were at odds with business growth, the ability for Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) to generate an ROI for its organisation sees its popularity gaining momentum. Here’s why:

  • It’s the highest scoring element of any B-BBEE scorecard – up to 40 points of a possible 100
  • Improved agility, speed-to-market and capacity: ESD can significantly bolster your supply chain
  • An effective ESD strategy isn’t just inherently low-risk, it can reduce the risk of your business
  • ESD is an affordable, effective vehicle togrow the bottom line and maintain compliance

We have compiled a handy infographic that lists the pain points faced by your Exco – CFO, CEO, CTO and CPO and how to address them.

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