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Thank you for reading our blog, “What recession? The vital role of procurement in tough
economic times”. We hope it has helped to illustrate that an economic down-turn
doesn’t need to mean a slow-down in business. On the contrary, it can in fact prove to
be a golden opportunity for your organisation.

By simply optimising your procurement practices for mutually beneficial Enterprise and
Supplier Development (ESD), you can significantly improve your B-BBEE score, while
simultaneously enhancing the future outlook of both your organisation and your nation.
Think about it: by uplifting the people of South Africa, you are contributing to increased
employment rates and decreased crime rates, as well as keeping more currency
circulating within our borders. All of this strengthens our economy and the value of our
currency, which will only serve to compound the value of your organisation’s profits. On
top of this, your B-BBEE status ensures that you are proportionately recognised and
rewarded for your efforts in enacting transformation, empowering your organisation with
advantages such as government support and favour, tax benefits, greater negotiating
power with suppliers, and a stronger brand image to help you weather any economic
storm. That is the power of Enterprise and Supplier Development.

However, reaping these advantages requires a well thought out and carefully
implemented ESD strategy, in which synergy between the organisation and its SME
suppliers is key. To find out if your business is ready to make a success of ESD-
enhanced business through Preferential Procurement practices, download our free
short Preferential Procurement eBook.

Some of the topics and strategies covered in this ebook include:
● Rationalising a supplier database
● Unbundling procurement spend
● Enhancing your supply chain for greater agility
● ESD budget considerations
● Supplier scalability and capacity
● Supplier-customer regional matching
● Shifting B-BBEE codes and procurement innovation
● The three primary layers of Enterprise and Supplier development
● The relationship between ESD and ROI
● Facilitating business partnerships through ESD and Preferential Procurement

This ebook was compiled by Edge Growth, a respected and experienced specialist in
the Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Preferential Procurement
industries. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your business harness
the full potential of ESD today.

Complete the form to download your copy and master ESD today.

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