What is the Edge Action ESD Fund?

The Edge Action ESD Fund was established in 2011 and is Edge Growth’s in-house enterprise and supplier development fund, providing effective ESD solutions, maximizing socio-economic impact through responsible investment and ensuring B-BBEE code compliance. Our funding is tailored to individual entrepreneurs and comes with support mechanisms, such as specialised mentorship and access to markets through corporate supply chains, propelling entrepreneurs to next level growth and scalability.

Edge Action Stats April 2022 (1)
Action Team Pic October 2022 Resized
Edge Growth Esdaction Team 1

Thapelo Masoko
Portfolio Head and CIO

Edge Growth Esdaction Team 2

Lisa Ngcolombs
Head of operations

Edge Growth Esdaction Team 3

Linky Chokoe
Finance Analyst

Edge Growth Esdaction Team 4

Joe Kekana
PIM Principal

Edge Growth Esdaction Team 5

Thami Majozi
Fund Operations Manager

Edge Growth Esdaction Team 6

Mugidi Mbedzi
Finance Manager

Edge Growth Esdaction Team 7

Sarvesha Moodley
Associate Principal: Growth Support

Edge Growth Esdaction Team 8

Sharlen Chetty
Head of Finance

Edge Growth Esdaction Team 9

Hitesh Dullabh
Investment Associate

Edge Growth Esdaction Team 10

Vimbao Chamboko
Senior PIM Associate

Edge Growth Esdaction Team 11

Slindokuhle Ngcobo
Treasury & Tax Analyst

Edge Growth Esdaction Team 12

Tracey Chockalingham
Head of Compliance

The Edge Action ESD Fund Team

How can we help you, the Corporate?

Are any of these challenges constraining your ESD initiatives?

The Edge Action Fund acts as a solution for pooled ESD Fund, providing a responsible outsourced ESD solution to companies facing real constraints in implementing ESD well.

Limited in house capacity to run E&SD well themselves

Edge Action Solves This By:
Pooling funds to enable a more significant ESD solution to take effect

Limited ESD budget to have real impact

Edge Action Solves This By:
Finding the right SMEs who will grow and create sustainable jobs

Limited extent of supply chain to absorb new SMEs

Edge Action Solves This By:
Providing holistic growth support to SMEs to build capacity

No access to suitable SMEs for their contributions

Edge Action Solves This By:
Assisting in the provision of a bigger market through multiple sponsors’ supply chains and Edge Growth ESD programmes


Bigger budget with a need for high levels of customisation

Edge Action Solves This By:
Offering ring-fenced solutions, working with the Contributor in developing the mandate, deployment strategy and PIM support


Edge Action Offers Fund Contributors:

Edge Action recognises that ESD is not a core focus for many businesses and thus aims to offer an immediate, efficient, and responsible outsourced solution.


100% Compliance

  • Obtain ED and SD points in one contribution
  • Solution adheres to letter & spirit of E&SD codes
  • Approved by reputable rating agencies

Immediate & Efficient Points

  • Make contribution into Fund Trust account and be ready for audit immediately
  • Ability to accept loans making your contribution very cash efficient.

Value Added Services

  • Documented ESD strategy
  • Marketing & PR
  • Sourcing and selecting of SMEs

Responsible ESD

  • Pipeline of sustainable, job creating SMEs
  • Credible ESD provider with over 10 years in industry
  • Appropriate governance in place

Customised Solutions

  • Ring-fence option for specific requirements
  • In-house skills and capacity to ensure sustainability

Watch this video and see our solution in action

Edge Action knows that ESD can be a complicated terrain to navigate, but compliance requirements should not be ignored. Good corporate citizenship should be high on the agenda for any South African business, making Edge Action a responsible solution for ESD.

Some Of Our Clients

With more than 10 years in the field, we understand how to cater to the needs of the corporate as well as the entrepreneur. Over that time, we’ve delivered tangible results to entrepreneurs across South Africa and have partnered with enterprises across all sectors.

These are just a few of them:

How can we help the SME?

Our funding, coupled with practical business growth strategies and operational plans, is tailored to the individual entrepreneur. This ensures that through various support mechanisms, such as post funding, specialised mentorship, and access to markets through corporate supply chains, we propel entrepreneurs to the next level of growth and scalability. The right SMEs, paired with the right investors, and with the continuous support of experienced business growth professionals through the Edge Action fund, are afforded the opportunities and resources
they need to grow and thrive.

Since its inception, the Edge Action Fund has:

Provided funding and growth support to more than 30 SMEs

Increased the average revenue of investee SMEs by 40%

Created over 400 permanent and temporary jobs

All businesses considered for inclusion
in Edge Action must:

Be seeking funding of between R1m and R10m (or more on an exception basis)

Be deemed to have strong growth potential

Be revenue-generating

Show potential for good job creation and social impact

Be at least 51% black-owned

Have a strong team with relevant experience and a proven track record of implementing growth within the business

Who Are Some Of The SMEs We’ve Supported?

The SMEs selected to be a part of the Edge Action portfolio have shown themselves to be of outstanding quality, capable of the kind of growth potential needed to make a genuine socio-economic impact within their communities. Here are some of the success stories we’ve helped create: