SAB’s KickStart initiative is re-engineered tocreate a more focused, comprehensive approach towards providing high-impact, sustainable business support.

SAB Kickstart is the largest and most successful private sector youth entrepreneurship development initiative in South Africa. Since its inception in 1995, the program has assisted in launching more than 2,000 businesses, training 22,000 people and disbursing funding of R31 million. Run as a business plan competition, it results in the selection of up to 18 businesses each year by an independent panel of adjudicators. hosting information These businesses then receive 6-9 months of business skills training, grant funding and mentorship support.

Edge Intervention

In 2012, SAB partnered with Edge Growth to re-engineer the KickStart initiative and create a more focused, comprehensive approach towards providing high-impact, sustainable business support. The re-engineered KickStart introduced a number of new elements, including Edge Growth’s customised SMME growth support.

Through the Growth Support, Edge Growth conducted on-site business diagnostic visits to each of the SMMEs, and held one-on-one growth strategy workshops. As a result of the Edge intervention, the specific growth constraints affecting the SMMEs were accurately identified, and are now being addressed in a holistic manner through an implementable plan with accurate and meaningful Key Performance Indicators aligned to the key businesses success drivers.

Using an innovative mentorship model, Edge Growth is able to centrally manage the implementation of the growth plans for all of the SMMEs in the KickStart program, co-ordinating the activities of mentors and providing overarching strategic advice and direction.

In addition to managing the mentors and progress of the growth plans, Edge Growth plays a valuable role in consolidating information, providing regular feedback to SAB and other interested stakeholders. Through weekly and monthly feedback sessions, SAB receives consolidated information on the progress of the SMMEs, as well as updates on new developments.

As part of the current KickStart initiative, Edge is working with 15 high impact small businesses across a number of markets including; PVC pipe manufacturing, pig farming, township bread bakery, welding training, curried chilli manufacturing and glass bead manufacturing. Each of these businesses has received grant funding of between R100,000 and R200,000 to be used for working capital and the purchase of assets aligned to the growth plan.

Through the current program, SAB KickStart and Edge Growth are on track to create an average of more than 1.5 new jobs per business.
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