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Strategy & Advisory Laying the foundations For ESD success

Our Strategy & Advisory team employs world-class thinking and frameworks

Strategy & Advisory
  • ED, SD and PP pillar analysis
  • Strategy review and formulation
  • Operating model design
  • Core business and ESD integration
  • Programme design and implementation readiness
This ensures that ESD supports clients’ overall business strategies and objectives whilst satisfying their scorecard requirements for all 3 subcategories of the ESD pillar.The strategy formulation process clarifies objectives, identifies opportunities for transformation, determines SME sourcing criteria, and maps out the path to success. Critical to the overall success of an ESD programme, the cost of upfront strategy and advisory is typically less than 1% of your total ESD budget.
Benefits in brief:
  • enables informed decision-making
  • ensures that the right SMEs are sourced and selected
  • optimises SMEs’ growth with right mix of financial support and BDS
  • enables seamless and successful integration of SMEs into the supply chain
  • increases B-BBEE procurement spend
  • delivers efficient ESD points


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“Our time working with Edge to build our Enterprise and Supplier Development strategies was time well invested. They brought best practice frameworks and methodologies to the strategy building process that ensured our input as a corporate partner was leveraged and that the strategy that resulted was both insightful and practical.”

— Hepsy Mkhungo, Head of Corporate Affairs & Transformation, South African Breweries Ltd.

Procurement experience is essential to ensuring ESD targets are practical

Creating meaningful opportunities for ED and SD requires a detailed line-item by line-item spend review and prioritisation exercise. With PP being the primary lever to recover lost levels resulting from the revised Codes, targets must be set based on best practice and pragmatism whilst reducing reputational risk. These targets can only be achieved if a strategic approach is undertaken upfront by ESD experts with procurement and transformation experience.

Simultaneously we source and assess potential SME matches from internal and external databases and develop specific capacity-building plans to facilitate seamless supply chain integration.

Liberty – An ESD strategy for the revised FSC


Liberty wanted to further drive transformation by investing in the strategic growth and development of value chain-aligned SMEs in order to create shared value for Liberty, industry and South Africa.


Edge developed ESD and Preferential Procurement strategies for Liberty in parallel, identifying, prioritising and aligning supply chain gaps and opportunities to appropriate SME beneficiaries. This was translated into an operating model and implementation plan for a holistic ESD programme.


Liberty has launched their Blue Skies Programme – an end-to-end Supplier Development programme that not only maximises Liberty’s compliance and scorecard ratings but underpins their overall business strategy and sets them apart as transformation leaders.


Edge screens 300 SMEs, shortlisting 30 high-potential SMEs suitable for growth support.

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SAB’s KickStart initiative is re-engineered tocreate a more focused, comprehensive approach towards providing high-impact, sustainable business support.

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Cabs for Women receives the capital it needs to grow the fleet and create employment for previously disadvantaged women.

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