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Programme Management Engineering integrated ESD solutions

Successfully scaling and integrating SMEs into the commercial supply chain

Programme Management
  • Programme set-up and initiation
  • Programme management and execution
  • Programme monitoring, reporting and evaluation


Activities are planned, prioritised and phased in a way that best manages both clients and SMEs through the transition:


  • Initiation and scoping

    Ensures that the overall programme strategy, objectives, measurement and metrics align to the broader competitive context and strategic goals.

  • Assessment and selection

    Aims to identify, assess and select high-growth potential SMEs for development. Due diligence ensures that only the highest calibre SMEs are selected.

  • SME Growth Support

    Our leading practice BDS approach unlocks value and growth in selected SMEs. Qualified BDS specialists provide hands on guidance and support in overcoming growth constraints and achieve growth targets.

  • Measurement and evaluation

    Aims to assess the overall performance of the programme as well as the net growth of each SME.

Benefits in brief

For the SME
  • enhanced due diligence and pre-investment business development support
  • direct access to post-investment/ follow-on funding (incl. protection)
  • tailored growth strategy and growth implementation plan
  • business is procurement-ready and meets requirements at point of integration
  • industry networks and customer portfolio facilitate access to market
For the corporate


  • Strategic focus and value chain alignment
  • Seamless cross-functional communication and collaboration (procurement vs transformation)
  • Transformation/ Enterprise Development
  • Growth of high-potential enterprises and suppliers
  • Increased share of active black- and black female-owned SME product and service providers
  • Greater supplier diversity and fewer monopolies
  • Effect broader industry impact and transformation
  • Demonstrate corporate societal leadership and alignment to government priorities
  • Resource optimisations – clear and total accountability
  • Cost and timing efficiencies
  • Increased customer base
  • Enhanced profit growth and sustainability
  • Customer, industry and shareholder brand value and reputation
  • Procurement-ready suppliers available
  • New sustainable suppliers efficiently integrated into supply chain
  • Improved effectiveness of the value chain

Some of our Current Corporate Programmes

INSETA Pre-qualifications Application Form
FNB Xero Programme for Accounting Practices
FNB Supplier Development Programme
Sanlam ESD Programme 2021
OUTsurance Kwande Futhi
ABB ESD Programme 2020
PetroSA ESD Programme 2020
Stockbroker Programme 2020
IFA 2021
Masikhulise Intermediary Development Programme 2019
MMH Intermediary Programme 2020

Edge screens 300 SMEs, shortlisting 30 high-potential SMEs suitable for growth support.

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SAB’s KickStart initiative is re-engineered tocreate a more focused, comprehensive approach towards providing high-impact, sustainable business support.

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Cabs for Women receives the capital it needs to grow the fleet and create employment for previously disadvantaged women.

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FNB Xero Programme Confirmation

FNB Supplier Development Programme Confirmation

FNB Xero Programme Confirmation