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SAB Kickstart Re-engineering

Edge re-engineers KickStart program to achieve accelerated SME growth.

Edge Growth SAB

South African Breweries (SAB) boasts some of South Africa’s most ground breaking Enterprise Development Programs. SAB has been a pioneer in empowering previously disadvantaged groups from as early as 1987, when it had launched the owner driver program and then in 1995, when it launched the first youth entrepreneurship program the country has seen.

Since those early days, KickStart continues to make waves as the leading youth entrepreneurship competition. The company has invested in the SAB Foundation which is the host of many impactful projects including The SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards and The Tholoana Enterprise Fund.
Problem Statement:

In 2011, SAB wanted to ensure that KickStart remained a relevant youth program that produces sustainable SMMEs capable of achieving accelerated growth and that contributes to the national agenda of job creation and poverty alleviation, by engaging in a reengineering process.
Edge Solution:

Edge Growth re-engineered the KickStart to achieve the following strategic objectives:

Basic Methodology/Outcome:

Edge Growth applied a five step approach to ensure that the reengineering would be successful.

Edge Growth evaluated the current KickStart Strategy and Criteria and conducted a series of workshops with SAB stakeholders to determine the gaps that needed to be addressed in order to improve the quality of the KickStart candidates as well as the efficiency of program operations and success rate of the SMEs the graduate from the program.

Once the strategic objectives were mapped out, the KickStart candidate criteria was updated accordingly to identify types of candidates that are most likely to be successful, grow their businesses and contribute to job creation. An “As-Is” analysis was then conducted on all the program processes, followed by a “Gap” analysis, to improve the governance and efficiency of the program from selection of candidates to on-going mentorship.

To support the strategic and operational changes of the program, tools and templates were developed to streamline the changes across the program and make them practical.

Edge Growth assisted the KickStart team with developing communication tools for communication across the group, selecting appropriate vendors and with the necessary change management.

To enable SAB with the monitoring and evaluation of the program, Edge developed an M&E toolkit that can be used to continuously improve the program year on year.

SAB Kickstart; Tiers Delights
SAB Kickstart; SIH Training

Edge screens 300 SMEs, shortlisting 30 high-potential SMEs suitable for growth support.

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SAB’s KickStart initiative is re-engineered tocreate a more focused, comprehensive approach towards providing high-impact, sustainable business support.

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