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Smart Home Solutions from Sensor Networks

The Challenge

Through the use of low-cost smart sensors, Sensor Networks offers customers real-time monitoring of home systems including geysers, security and electricity.

They needed to take their IoT product offering and scale it for use by the insurance industry to maximise savings for both individuals and insurers.

The Solution

They received growth capital for product development from the Edge Growth managed ASISA ESD Fund as well as access to a skilled team for process evaluation and skills development, training and mentoring.

The Impact

  • Through growth funding and investment in human resources, Sensor Networks was able to expand their offering to create a proprietary IoT platform which enables insurance companies to gather relevant real-time data, provide effective predictive analytics and better manage their risk whilst creating finer customer segmentation profiles.
  • They have increased revenue by 50% in just two years, staff complement has doubled and the man in the street not only saves on electricity but has peace of mind with teams of experts linked to networks at home.