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Sweepstars Shine It Up

The Challenge

SweepSouth is a home cleaning company offering its services through an online portal. Lack of finances meant the company had hit a ceiling in expansion.

The Solution

Edge Growth offered specialist support, including access to finance through the Vumela ESD Fund, skills development, business process optimisation and mentoring. Together strategy was refined, execution was maximised, and a young team coached through the many challenges a fast-growing entrepreneurial company with many employees faced.

The Impact

  • SweepSouth has made a significant impact in reimagining the SA home services industry, developing digital platforms to create thousands of jobs and access to work opportunities for over 10,000 SweepStars, 74% of which are primary breadwinners for their families.
  • They helped their employees become IT-literate to generate income for their families and give them access to career guidance and early childhood development resources.
  • They have had several more successful investment rounds since and have expanded internationally with their service offering.
  • A solid happy customer base with clean homes testifies to their success in creating dignified employment and reliable service.