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Ek Sê Tours

Vehicle funding provides a consistency, reliability, and flexibility to operations, creating greater potential for future revenue growth.


Lesika Matlou launched Ek Sê Tours in August 2011 to tell a different story about Johannesburg; a story of a rich, booming and inspiring African city. The business provides guided, story-oriented tours of Soweto for individuals, groups and corporate clients, providing highly experiential outings that cover all 5 senses in a distinct way.

Ek Sê Tours’ primary service is a half-day tour consisting of 1 to 15 clients. A secondary service offering is the provision of safe and hassle-free transportation to sports games and concerts, inclusive of a personal butler, who ushers clients to their seats and ensures a steady supply of refreshments.

Previously, vehicles used for tours were rented or hired as needed by Ek Sê Tours, until the Edge Action Fund Trust provided the finance needed to purchase a suitable vehicle. Vehicle ownership now provides a consistency, reliability, and flexibility to Ek Sê Tour’s operations, creating greater potential for future revenue growth.

“I actually drove the car home for my parents to see and man, what a memorable event. When I got home, my parents were sleeping, so I went to their bedroom and told them there was someone I wanted to introduce them to.  My mother was very excited and my father had a look of disapproval on his face. They thought I had finally brought a girl to introduce to them. After they gathered enough courage to meet my girlfriend, they made their way to the lounge, with my father taking deep breaths along the way and my mother smiling ridiculously. When they got to the lounge, I told them she was outside waiting to welcomed into the house. My dad couldn’t take it anymore and said, “tell her to come in”. I was smiling all the way. I took my mom outside and pointed at the vehicle and said. “there’s my first born child.” My mom burst into tears and prayer! Honestly, it was the first time I had heard my mom pray out loud. My dad followed, and I got hugs and a lot of handshakes from him.

Thank you to Edge Growth and all its team members that helped to make this possible.
Lesika, Owner of Ek Sê Tours

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