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SME Growth Support building the pillars for SME GROWTH

Business development support must match lifecycle stage for success

SME Growth Support
  • Customised support for SMEs
  • Integration into corporate procurement process
  • Generalist and specialist support
  • Immediate priorities balanced with holistic long-term approach
  • Access to market
  • Access to funding


Our 4 proprietary programmes have been purpose-built to provide the right support at the right time.

Critically, we recognise that different entrepreneurs have different support requirements at different stages of development and that these determine the type of growth support programmes they require. Our 4 proprietary programmes have been purpose-built to provide the right support at the right time.

Strategy and development table
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Twelve foundations are fundamental to every business’ sustainable development

We have identified 12 fundamental foundations as essential to any sustainable business model. Eight of these are business-related and 4 of them are personal.

12 Foundations title=

“They have a rare ability to synthesise a wide range of complex organisational challenges, and distil them in to practical tools and frameworks, which can quickly be applied to any business. They are talented strategists, and apply operational experience to present unique and creative learnings. I would rate Edge Growth’s workshop on a par with executive programmes from leading business schools around the globe.”

— Marc Herson, 2Go

Benefits in brief

For the SME
  • production efficiency is enhanced
  • quality of service delivery is improved
  • turnover is increased
  • business fundamentals are established
  • business is procurement-ready
  • increased contract volume is secured
For the Corporate
  • procurement-ready suppliers are available
  • share of black-owned SMEs’ services/products in supply chain is increased
  • supplier diversity exists across the supply chain (fewer monopolies)
  • product range is increased
  • customer base is diversified


Anglo Coal – Improving the capabilities of localised suppliers


Anglo American Thermal Coal (AATC) aimed to improve the standards, skills and capacities of localised SMMEs.


Edge designed a pilot Supplier Development programme. Through a process of community mapping, over 1 200 current and potential suppliers were identified within the areas surrounding AATC operations, and conducted a phased screening process which included site visits and capability assessments.


Thirty enterprises were shortlisted to receive Edge’s SME Growth Support in order to increase capacity to the point where they can effectively participate as suppliers to 10 mines.


Edge screens 300 SMEs, shortlisting 30 high-potential SMEs suitable for growth support.

Read more about Anglo Coal

SAB’s KickStart initiative is re-engineered tocreate a more focused, comprehensive approach towards providing high-impact, sustainable business support.

Read more about KickStart

Cabs for Women receives the capital it needs to grow the fleet and create employment for previously disadvantaged women.

Read more about Cabs For Women

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